Hylaeus in Hawaii

Hylaeus sphecodoides

Islands: Hawaii

Locations: Hawaii - (Hakalau NWR, Keauhou Ranch, Kipuka Alala, Kipuka Nene, Mauna Kea SP, PTA, Red Leg Trail, South Point)

Habitats: Coastal to montane dry shrubland and dry to mesic forest.

Plants: Cleptoparasite - Metrosideros, Myoporum

Xerces: No info.

Insects of Hawaii: Medium-sized cleptoparasitic bees with clear to slightly smoky wings and with or without red basal terga. Male face with three separate yellow marks (clypeus, paraocular areas), malar space very short, scape slightly dilated. Female face black or dark reddish, paraocular areas not marked, clypeus emarginate, frons with indistinct punctures, fore tarsus with straight hair. See discussion of cleptoparasites under H. hilaris.

Hylaeus sphecodoides and H. volatilis have melanic forms with no red on the metasomal terga and, in H. volatilis, entirely black with no yellow marks (see remarks for that species). See also discussion of cleptoparasites under H. hilaris.
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Images and information mostly from various works by Karl Magnacca.
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