Hylaeus in Hawaii

Hylaeus solaris

Islands: Kauai

Locations: Kauai - (Keoneloa Bay, Polihale SP)

Habitats: Coast

Plants: Scaevola, Sida

Xerces: Hylaeus solaris is a coastal bee endemic to the island of Kauai in Hawaii. It is distinguished by the single large facial mark, covering most of the face, and the distinctive scape of the male. It is restricted to a few small, widely scattered sites, and populations are vulnerable to extirpation.
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Insects of Hawaii: Medium-sized bees with clear wings. Male with the face entirely yellow, broadly above antennal sockets, with or without a mark on the dilated scape; supraclypeal area longer than wide. Female black, unmarked; differing from the sympatric H.jlavifrons and H. connectens by the short, golden hair ofT6, and from H. chlorostictus by the very short pubescence of the scutum.

The relative abundance of this species at easily accessible locations makes it surprising that it has not been collected before. However, its numbers at Polihale (as is the case with other Hylaeus there) appear to be extremely seasonal. Like other coastal species, it is restricted in range; it is currently known only from Polihale and Keoneloa Bay. Hylaeus solaris shares with H. inquilina short vertex hair, broad paraocular stripes, and weakly reticulate propodeum.
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