Hylaeus in Hawaii

Hylaeus simplex

Islands: Hawaii

Locations: None

Habitats: Lowland and montane dry shrubland and mesic forest. No recent collections.

Plants: None

Xerces: Hylaeus simplex is a formerly widespread bee endemic to the island of Hawaii in Hawaii. It is distinguished by its single, central face mark and unusually large gonoforceps. One of the most common species collected in the early 1900s, it has not been collected in decades, and may be extinct.
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Insects of Hawaii: Medium-sized bees with smoky wings. Male face with oval yellow mark divided by fine black sulci, legs unmarked, unusual lateral process of S7 long and broad, median process of S8 not dilated and with narrow tips, unusual gonoforceps expanded apically beyond the penis valves and with pubescence extended around apex to inner angle. Female black and unmarked. Closely related to H. chlorostictus and H.facilis.

Colors of the integument and pubescence are based on old specimens. See remarks for H. facilis.
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Images and information mostly from various works by Karl Magnacca.
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