Hylaeus in Hawaii

Hylaeus psammobius

Islands: Maui, Hawaii

Locations: Maui - (Papanalahoa, Pauwela)

Habitats: Coast. Very rare; no recent collections from Hawaii.

Plants: Bacopa, Scaevola, Sesuvium

Xerces: Hylaeus psammobius is a coastal bee endemic to the islands of Maui and Hawaii in Hawaii. It is distinguished by the facial marks and the unusual process of the male 8th sternum. It is known from very few historic collections, and from only one recent one on Maui.
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Insects of Hawaii: Medium-sized bees with clear to smoky wings. Male face with yellow mark (clypeus, lower paraocular areas) below antennae partly divided by brown cuticle along sulci, unique lower paraocular depression bordered along eye by a narrow, low ridge , and unique median process of S8 dilated at base, but very slender in distal halfand with long tips. Female face with or without three separate small marks (clypeus with subapical yellow stripe and yellow stripes along the eyes); legs with hind tibia with or without obscure yellow spot at very base.

Windward coastal habitat is severely degraded, and it is possible that this species may be extirpated on Hawaii. However, it may still survive in small patches of native vegetation. Other bees have not been observed visiting the plants it was found at on Maui, Bacopa and Sesuvium, and it may be necessary to look in different areas than those where other coastal bees are typically found. The scutum pits are unusually close together, a character usually only found in the punctured terga species (but also in H. longiceps).
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