Hylaeus in Hawaii

Hylaeus pele

Islands: Hawaii

Locations: Hawaii - (Ahumoa, Kipuka Alala, Kipuka Kalawmana, Kipuka Nene, Kipuka Puaulu, Mauna Loa Rd., Mauna Kea SP, Potato Hill, PTA, Puu Huluhulu, Puu Waawaa, Redleg Trail)

Habitats: Dry shrub land and dry and mesic forest.

Plants: Bidens, Chamaesyce, Crocosmia, Myoporum, Sophora

Xerces: No info.

Insects of Hawaii: Small bees with clear to slightly smoky wings. Male face with three large, but separate marks, almost filling the clypeus and the lower paraocular areas below the antennal sockets; scape moderately dilated and with long hair along median edge; frons with indistinct, small patch of pale hair; legs and pronotal lobes may be marked with yellow, but not the pronotal collar. Female face unmarked or with short, irregular yellow marks along eyes; mid and hind tibia with or without yellow marks at bases; pronotum black.

The type of H. pele, taken at Kilauea, has not been located. Males collected at Kilauea and Kona generally match the Latin description, some with more yellow on the face and legs than Perkins describes (as well as sometimes marks on the pronotal lobes). The species is relatively common throughout the drier upper slopes of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea as well as at Kipuka Nene.
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