Hylaeus in Hawaii

Hylaeus nalo

Islands: Oahu

Locations: None

Habitats: Unknown. Known only from one collection.

Plants: None

Xerces: Hylaeus nalo is an enigmatic bee endemic to the island of Oahu in Hawaii. It is distinguished by its large size, obscure facial marks, deep paraocular depression, and truncate gonoforceps. It is known only from a single specimen collected in 1914, and may be extinct.
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Insects of Hawaii: Moderately large bees with slightly smoky wings. Head rather large compared to wing length, with deep paraocular depressions. Median process ofS8 very weakly dilated, not swollen..hemisternite ofS7 narrow, distinctly longer than wide; apices ofgonoforceps shorter than penis valves, broadly rounded. Female unknown.

The lack of any other species with deep paraocular depressions on Oahu should make this species immediately identifiable. That together with the weakly dilated S8 and poorly developed facial marks suggest that it may be related to H. takumiae. Unfortunately the type label gives no specific locality. It most likely inhabits montane areas, but the paraocular depressions, shape of S8, and dark but prostrate T7 hair could indicate a relationship with the coastal H. psammobius.
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