Hylaeus in Hawaii

Hylaeus melanothrix

Islands: Maui

Locations: None

Habitats: Montane wet forest. No recent collections.

Plants: None

Xerces: Hylaeus melanothrix is a bee endemic to the island of Maui in Hawaii. It is a member of the dumetorum species group, distinguished by the lack of yellow marks except on the face, and the very long body hair. The species is has not been collected in over 100 years, and may be extinct.
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Insects of Hawaii: Medium-sized bees with dark smoky wings; long brown body hair; unusual propodeum with basal area strongly sloping, brow indistinct, and sculpture, if any, weak at very front, otherwise smooth, lustrous. Male with unique scape deeply arched with lateral apex expanded. Female black and unmarked; long malar space in comparison to relatively small ocellus (0.8 DMO).

The measured male has the extreme ratio interocellar distance/diameter of median ocellus at 2.4, indicating that the lateral ocelli are far apart relative to the diameter of the median ocellus. However, the ratio ocellus-eye/interocellar distance at 1.1, indicating the position of the lateral ocelli relative to the eye, is not at all exceptional.
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