Hylaeus in Hawaii

Hylaeus gliddenae

Islands: Hawaii

Locations: None

Habitats: Probably from montane mesic forest. Known only from one collection.

Plants: None

Xerces: Hylaeus gliddenae is a large bee endemic to the island of Hawaii in Hawaii. It is distinguished by the unusual red abdomen. It is closely related to H. paradoxicus, differing by the presence of facial marks. It is known only from a single specimen collected in 1934.
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Insects of Hawaii: Large bees with punctured terga and slightly smoky wings. Head and mesosoma black, metasoma red. Male with unusual narrow, linear marks along eyes and apex of clypeus; mandible and scape also marked with yellow. Female unknown. Sister species of H. paradoxicus, differing in the presence of face marks and other facial characters.

This species is unmistakable due to the red metasoma, shared only with H. paradoxicus, and the unusual facial marks. It is obviously the sister of that species; it also shares the unique extension of the sclerotized portion of the process of S8 onto the bifurcations, and the nearly triangular S7. It differs in a number of facial characters: the yellow marks on the face and mandibles and larger marks on the scape; a more strongly arched scape with the lateral edge straight rather than convex; the clypeus flat nearly to the apex rather than slightly convex ventrally; and the median ocellus much less prominent. It also has the sclerotized part of the S8 bifurcation longer and marks on the basitarsi and hind tibiae, and is considerably smaller than H. paradoxicus. The facial marks and discolored scape are similar to H. anomalus, and it may be an intermediate between the two. The female is probably similar to the female of H. paradoxicus and may not be distinguishable from a small individual of that species.
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