Hylaeus in Hawaii

Hylaeus filicum

Islands: Hawaii

Locations: Hawaii - (KFU South Bound Rd., Puu Waawaa)

Habitats: Montane wet to mesic forest

Plants: Chamaesyce, Myoporum

Xerces: No info.

Insects of Hawaii: Medium-sized bees with light smoky wings. Both sexes with unusual extremely dense punctation across the entire upper paraocular area and frons. Male face with three separate marks, those of paraocular areas extended above antennaI sockets in narrow vittae; scape moderately dilated and strongly arched, with an apical knoblike expansion in lateral view; pronotum unmarked; process of S8 strongly dilated and with broad, round tips. Female with small paraocular marks and yellow marks on pronotal collar but not lobes. See diagnosis and remarks under H. mimicus.

Types have not been located. Despite the close resemblance of the males to H. mimicus, the females have much less facial coloring, and the species is probably more closely related to H. haleakalae of Maui Nui. Females in older Kilauea collections were often placed with males of H. hula, although the two species were apparently not collected together in that area.
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Images and information mostly from various works by Karl Magnacca.
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