Hylaeus in Hawaii

Hylaeus dumetorum

Islands: Hawaii

Locations: Hawaii - (Byrons Ledge, Halemaumau Trail, Kilauea Field Station, KFU, Kipuka Ki, Kipuka Puaulu, Mountain House Rd., Olaa Koa Unit, Olaa Small Tract, Saddle Rd., Upper Hamakua Ditch, Upper Waiakea FR)

Habitats: Widespread and common in montane wet and mesic forest

Plants: Alphitonia, Astelia, Buddleia, Cheirodendron, Crocosmia, Dubautia, Fragaria, Hedyotis, Ilex, Metrosideros, Myoporum, Myrica, Pisonia, Psychotria, Rubus, Styphelia

Xerces: No info.

Insects of Hawaii: Small, elongate bees with clear wings. Males with three separate yellow marks on face, variably marked on pronotum and legs; distinguishable by the unarched scape. Females marked with narrow yellow stripes along the eyes, marks on the pronotal collar and lobes, and the basal quarter or less ofthe hind tibiae is yellow. Sister species of H. angustulus.

The most common wet and mesic forest species on Hawaii. Distinguishable from the other common species, H. coniceps, by the flat scape, short hairs of the scutum, and reduced rugosity of the propodeum. In males, the facial marks are distributed differently: H. coniceps often has the paraocular marks shorter than the clypeal mark, and if the marks are reduced the former disappear first; H. dumetorum has the paraocular marks longer than the clypeal (one melanic specimen lacks the clypeal mark). Females resemble H. specularis, but have the upper frons only slightly lustrous, with a narrower dull area at the middle, and the impunctate area laterad of the lateral ocellus distinctly coriaceous rather than almost smooth and brightly reflective. Sister species of H. angustulus of Maui Nui.
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