Hylaeus in Hawaii

Hylaeus coniceps

Islands: Maui, Hawaii

Locations: Maui - (HALE Service Area, Haleakala NW slope, Koolau Gap, Lauulu Trail, Puu Keokea)

Hawaii - (Crater Rim Trail, Earthquake Trail, Escape Rd., KFU, Kipuka Maunaiu, Kipuka Puaulu, PTA, Puu Huluhulu, Puu Koohi, Puu Waawaa, Saddle Rd., Tree Molds)

Habitats: Montane mesic and wet forest to subalpine shrubland

Plants: Chamaesyce, Cheirodendron, Crocosmia, Geranium, Metrosideros, Myoporum, Santalum, Scaevola, Sophora

Xerces: No info.

Insects of Hawaii: Medium-sized bees with clear to slightly smoky wings. Male usually with yellowmarks on the clypeus and sometimes lower paraocular areas (most Hawaii specimens with the latter). Distinct from other three-spot species by the combination oflong scutum hairand lineateIy rugose propodeum; also usually with paraocular marks smaller than clypeaI. Female black and unmarked; resembles H. difjicilis, but with longer erect hairs on T6.

Fullaway (1918:394-395) pointed out the possible synonymy of H. coniceps from Hawaii with H. comes from Maui. They are here considered as one species under the senior name, H. coniceps. As noted by Perkins (1899:92), bees from both islands are similar in structure. Perkins key (1910:603) and his subsequent support of the distinction of the two species (1911:724) depended on the number of facial marks. Although the majority of bees on the two islands are as described by Perkins, bees have been taken recently on both islands that have only a clypeal mark (as described for H. comes) or a clypeal mark plus paraocular marks (as described for H. coniceps), or no marks at all. The small number of bees available for study from each island also exhibits overlapping variation in leg marking and propodeal sculpture. This is the only one of the three-spot species in which the paraocular spots are shorter than the clypeal spot (occasional particularly xanthic individuals may have the paraocular spots large). See remarks for H. dumetorum and female H. difficilis.
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